ZZZ Visualizing Time-Based Media


Year Title Source ID Director
1935 Komposition in Blau Cubes on Blue Oskar Fischinger
1935 Komposition in Blau Cubes on Horizon Oskar Fischinger
1940 Loops Norman McLaren
1949 Begone Dull Care Norman McLaren
1959 Science Friction Excerpt 1 Stan Vanderbeek
1959 Science Friction Excerpt 2 Stan Vanderbeek
1961 Catalog CM Boxes John Whitney
1961 Catalog Circles A John Whitney
1961 Catalog Circles B John Whitney
1961 Catalog Dot Fills John Whitney
1961 Catalog Scaling John Whitney
1961 Catalog Waves John Whitney
1962 Lines Horizontal Norman McLaren
1972 Matrix III Cubes John Whitney
1972 Matrix III Tris John Whitney
1974 Colorful Colorado EVL Phil Morton
1976 Video Weavings Basic Weave Stephen Beck
1978 The Compleat Angler Bell Labs Tuner Whitted
1979 Two Boxes at Once (Bally Arcade) Mark McKernin
1981 Return to Planet Claire EVL Sue Forner + Rick Frankel
1983 Star Rider CGI Cruise Computer Creations, Inc
1983 Synoid Stevo Wolfson
1984 Beginnings Neon Symbols Don Slepian
1984 Beginnings Pastel Flow Don Slepian
1984 Joblove Kay Show Reel Turbo Drive Joblove Kay
1984 Strings and Vectors EVL Cube Vibes Marilyn Wulff
1985 Calculated Movements Excerpt Larry Cuba
1985 Cosmic Consciousness Suzanne Doucet + James Bell
1985 Thats Hot G.G. Aries
1986 Fairlight CVI and Electric Guitar Solo Part 1 Ian Carter
1986 Fairlight CVI and Electric Guitar Solo Part 2 Ian Carter
1996 Echo EVL Tom Coffin
2001 Giant Steps Michal Levy
2008 DVNO / Justice So Me
2009 My Girls / Animal Collective Jon Vermilyea
2010 Chmmr When Agitated: Magnetic Mountain 3 Jon Williams
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